Ayana Iman

Ayana Iman is a Certified Life Coach and is passionate about helping others create the life they want using their thoughts.  She is also the creator of the #AuthenticConvo series which serves as a platform for purposeful conversation to inspire others to live out their dreams and learn from people doing it.  You can attend her next #AuthenticConvo event this Sunday, July 31st… 

Please tell a little about yourself and your background.

I am 25-years-old, and I was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. I’m a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Recently, I graduated from Rutgers University with my Masters in Strategic Organizational Communication, and also became a Certified Life Coach (CLPC). My goal in life is to help end the poverty mentality, and create an abundance mentality.


What are some of your passions and how did your #AuthenticConvos series come about? 

I’m passionate about teaching people how we can create the life we want using our thoughts. And everything that you need is within. #AuthenticConvos was created to help create conversation around mental health and self-love. It now stands as a platform for purposeful conversation to inspire others to live out their dreams and learn from people doing it.


What do you hope that participants learn and gain from attending the events?

My hope for attendees at every conversation is to walk away with their cup filled with love, gratitude, and most importantly, faith. I believe faith to be lacking in many peoples lives. Through faith, it empowers people to believe in themselves, their innate ability to create peaceful environments, and with action, monetary gain.

Tell us a little about your "Guide To Gratitude," that is available for download on your site. What inspired you to write it? 

A “Guide To Gratitude” is a free gift to everyone that visits my website. I share personal accounts from my life and how I created an attitude of gratitude while being homeless, and a newly single mom. I think it’s a great tool to help people believe they too can change their circumstances when they’re mindful of their thoughts. It was created out of necessity, and a marker of what I learned in my life, as it was released around my 25th birthday in December of 2015. I wanted to use transparency as a tool to reach the masses and be a light.


All that you are involved in, from your #AuthenticConvo series to your speaking engagements, and community activities, promote positivity and always reverts back to motivating and inspiring others. Why are these things so important to you? 

It’s very important to me to be a mentor and teach others that they are powerful, and to believe in themselves. I know what it feels like to have everything taken from you, to feel worthless, sleeping pregnant on a mattress on the floor, and fighting for relationships that are not worth the time or energy. I get it. I understand how are thoughts can keep us trapped. However, some people can’t break the cycle, and that’s where I come in.

 I’ve been fortunate enough to create a safe space online with people around the world, and learn from them, as they learn from me. To be a leader you must follow. I’m grateful for every interaction.

Looking back on your own life and all that you have been through, what is some advice that you would give your former or younger self?

I would tell my younger self that it’s okay to be me. I don’t have to be sugary sweet, and phishing for approval; I am enough as I am.  When I was younger I didn’t understand this, hence, looking for the love I needed to give myself from other people. However, I do acknowledge that those lessons helped me become the full woman I am today. 


How can others support and keep up with your events and all that you have going on? 

That’s easy. Follow me on all platforms at ‘Ayana Iman,’ and visit my website www.AyanaIman.com and subscribe to my email list.


** The next #AuthenticConvo event is this Sunday, July 31st.  You can purchase tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/authenticconvos-tickets-26416388128