Fatima Scipio

Fatima Scipio is a published author and contributor for the Huffington Post. She is also the CEO of Young Enterprising Sisters (YES), an organization dedicated to helping young girls become leaders and change agents within their communities.  The YES organization hosts events yearly including the YESpreneurship conference, and the Girls Have Power Summit, among other initiatives...


Please tell us a little about your organization, Young Enterprising Sisters and also about the conferences that the organization holds each year.

Young Enterprising Sisters is the premier forum for girls 8-17 to learn about entrepreneurship and wealth building strategies. Our goal is to help girls become leaders and change agents in their community. We host events such as our YESpreneur Conference, Ice cream Networking Social, Girls Have Power summit and other empowerment events to educate, empower and energize the next generation of business leaders as well as expose girls to women who are excelling in their careers and assist them in connecting with other girls in a positive manner.

What sparked your desire to start such an organization?

I have always had a passion for mentoring and empowering girls. I use to lead a dance group many years ago called Dimes Inc in the Bronx, New York. I remember putting “start a girls organization” on my vision board. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to develop a program for girls by the National Association of Black Female Entrepreneurs, I was more than excited to do what I have always dreamed of doing.


I noticed that you are a contributor for The Huffington Post, how did this opportunity come about?

Being a blogger for the Huffington Post literally fell into my lap. I responded to a post by the amazing Arianna Huffington and she emailed me thanking me for my response and asked that I blog. I was over the moon excited! My experience with blogging for the Huffington post has been a great one. I am able to inspire millions through my posts and hopefully make a difference in somebody’s life.


In addition to your day job and all of your entrepreneurial endeavors, you are also a published author.  Please talk to us a bit about your book.

I am the author of two books “ First Aid for First Year Teachers” and "Boss Lady ( Seven Life Principles to Reign in the New Economy)." I have also co-authored The Art of Activation with 23 other amazing women and Lucinda Cross. Each book that I have written had one goal in mind: To use my experience to help someone else. As an educator, I saw many things that were hindering our young people from being successful in school so it prompted me to write a book for new teachers. What I learned from my readers was the book not only helped novice educators but seasoned professionals as well. Boss Lady was intended to help women entrepreneurs, however in the midst of me writing this book I realized becoming a boss required some fundamental qualities that I needed to discuss such as renewing your mind, stretching your faith and the like. And Lastly, The Art of Activation contribution dives into a failed relationship that forced me to look deeply into who I was as an individual and propelled me to the woman I am today.


What plans do you have for yourself and your businesses in the new year?

This New Year I have some great things on the horizon, expanding Young Enterprising Sisters. My amazing team whom I have to mention Halima Moore, Tracy Tompkins, Alana Gardner, Narisa Sasitorn, Ashlee Wright, Karen St. Hilaire and Anisha Blumenberg. We will be launching our B-School for Girls as well as other events. I will be leaping into some other endeavors but mums the word right now (smile) I will let you know soon.

What is your life’s mission statement?  What do you want to be known for years after you are physically gone from this Earth?

My life’s mission is to empower all of whom I come in contact with.  My legacy will be Fatima was one of the pioneers in promoting girls to be their best selves and linking millions of girls to outstanding girl serving organizations.


Where can we visit to find out more about you and keep updated on all that you have going on?

You can learn more about Young Enterprising Sisters at www.yesconference.org and me atwww.fatimascipio.com