Jacqueline Laurean Yates

Jacqueline Laurean Yates studied at Hampton University and previously worked for both Ebony and Essence magazines. She now works in the beauty industry as a Creative Consultant for companies like L'Oreal, Pureology, and Mizani.. among others.  Jackie also maintains her own blogsite, www.livelovelaurean.com, covering topics like food, beauty, style, and fitness… 

You attended Hampton University, what did you study while there and what exactly do you do now?

While at Hampton University, I studied Journalism & Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.  After interning quite a bit in the Public Relations field, I realized how much I really wanted to be a beauty writer as well as how much I really wanted to work within the beauty industry.  Today, I am an entrepreneur and work with different companies on beauty features, blog posts, copywriting-- overall creative consulting.


Where are some of the places that you have worked previously and where are you currently working?  If you can share, where is your most favorite place to work and why?

I have worked at Essence & Ebony Magazine, and now I spend a lot of my time between freelance copywriting at L’Oreal focusing on some of their biggest hair brands: Redken, Pureology, and Mizani and my personal blog,livelovelaurean.com.   I also contribute to a variety of other editorial publications and websites. My favorite? That's a tough one!  I have gained extremely valuable experience at each place, built more connections, and have past co-workers who have turned into close friends.  


What does an average day look like for you at work?

Wow, that's always a tricky question!  There isn't really a day that's the same. One day may consist of me heading into L'Oreal and Redken's 5th Ave office to churn out copywriting projects and meetings while the next may start with me meditating or hitting the gym, attending media press events, and finding time in between to write and edit new stories for websites I'm working with. Other days, I may be shooting new street style looks, editing photos, or brainstorming new content for my personal blog. There are pros and cons to freelancing--two of the biggest being...The Pro: you have lots of flexibility and can always make yourself available to new exciting projects. The con: you are never really "off." Ha!


Tell us about some of the brands/events that you have covered? What are some of your favorites?

I most recently attended Proctor & Gamble's Digital Studio, which was very exciting. I had the chance to learn about all the latest products they are launching for 2016, see them in action first-hand and learn everything there is to know about the newest trends and innovations from well known brands such as Pantene, Head & Shoulders, and CoverGirl just to name a few. Pantene has a brand new AirSpray that I will be trying ASAP! It is supposed to give you amazing hold but allow you to transform your styles with ease because the texture of the product is light as feather.  I’ve also been all about body butters, as the weather has been getting colder.  Check out my latest round up of the best ones on Cosmopolitan:http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/g5319/best-body-butters/


Currently, what are some of your favorite beauty/trend products?

Right now I am pretty obsessed with Makeup Forever's Ultra HD foundation. The texture and shades are so on point! I can't say I use it every single day, but that's mainly because I am trying to preserve it for days when I'm trying to be fancy, and I really need my foundation to be super perfect. As for trends, I think it's kind of cool how big ombre lips have gotten.  I'm still trying to perfect this technique on myself, because when it is done right, it’s so bomb!!!


Looking back, what advice would you give yourself as a young woman just graduating college, trying to break into the industry?

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there!  As cliché as it may sound, there may be lots of people who tell you "no," but there is always finally a "yes."  Not to mention that may be the best yes ever!  Be extremely knowledgeable of industry happenings and do your research on the people working in your desired field of choice. It doesn't hurt to reach out to these people and ask to intern, shadow, assist, or even an informational interview to learn more about how they climbed to get where they are now.


Please share details about your sitelivelovelaurean.com.  What topics can readers expect to learn about by visiting the site? Also, how do you manage to juggle both your work life and still be consistent with posting content on your site?

Livelovelaurean.com is a personal blog site in which I like to cover beauty, style, food, fitness, and general life advice.  It's definitely not easy juggling both work life and posting on my site, but it's doable. The best piece of advice is to plan ahead. Just as you make to-do lists for anything else, thinking about a theme or what kind of content you would like to cover each month will help you curate posts ahead of time so you aren't always scrambling at the last minute to throw anything up on the blog.  I really try to focus on quality over quantity.  I would rather have a few posts that people will actually read and take something from as opposed to lots of posts that don't necessarily have any take away. 


What can we expect from you in 2016?

In 2016, I hope to expand my personal brand, collaborate with more brands, experiment with more beauty and fashion trends, and continue to strengthen my writing skills through classes as well as workshops. Oh, and get my body tight and all the way right.  Ha! #fitnessgoals


Be sure to keep up with Jackie and all of her endeavors on her personal blogsite: livelovelaurean.com as well as follow her on IG: @jacquelinelaurean and FB: Jacqueline Laurean Yates