Jelisa Scotton

Jelisa Scotton has competed in numerous Figure Competitions and is the owner of the brand, "Energy On Life." ( Education, Nutrition, Exercise, and Rest Generates Years On Life) Learn more about all of her endeavors and what advice she would give to anyone who may be struggling to work out and eat clean consistently...


When did you decide to really start taking your health and physique seriously and what motivated that decision.

 When I really think back, I realize that I developed an interest in fitness at a fairly young age. I performed in dance recitals, did cheerleading, and had a brief stint with softball and cross country running. Ironically, it wasn’t until I graduated from college that I began taking my fitness seriously.  Ultimately, it was a combination of things – the desire for a flat stomach and boredom. I had always wanted a flat stomach and was alone in a new state after graduation, so I started going to the gym after work. First, I was a self-proclaimed “cardio queen.” With that, I lost weight but I also lost much of my shape. At the gym, I would always walk past the weight room and see a bunch of guys with wandering eyes, so I was intimidated and wanted to avoid the unwanted attention. There was usually one girl in there, however, that was super fit.  Since I wanted a body like hers and realized cardio wasn’t getting me there, I overcame my fear of the weight room and started lifting.  Armed with PDF workout routines I found online, I would stick to myself. Lifting was new and fun, so I stuck with it and saw great results. When I began eating for my goals, I was hooked!


From there, what influenced your decision to get into figure competition?

I had no plans of competing, but after about a year and a half of lifting, I had transformed my physique pretty significantly. A trainer at the gym asked me if I competed and I said no. He said “Well, you should.” After that, I thought about it and told myself it’d be a new challenge, so I went for it.


How do you typically prepare for your competitions? Mentally, what food/activities do you have to eliminate?

Every contest prep has been different thus far. The body adapts to the same stimulus fairly easily, so you have to switch things up. To date, I’ve survived (yes, survived lol) four contest preps so I’ll discuss the commonalities. For the most part, I cut out all processed food, processed sugar, and monitor my carb intake very closely. I usually end up cutting out all carbs and eating primarily lean meats, healthy fats, plenty of veggies and drinking tons of water. It’s a gradual process throughout the prep, but that’s pretty much how it goes.


Please share some details about your experiences at the actual competitions.

From my experience, I am unique because I come alive the day of competition. All the hard work is done – workouts are over, I’m all dolled up, and I can eat fun food again... It’s the best part to me! No matter how I look compared to other ladies, I really enjoy being on stage. I’ve been on stage in front of ten people and on stages in front of hundreds – it’s such a rush! When I’m on stage showcasing my work, under those hot lights, I am immensely proud of my accomplishments. It sounds cheesy, but it makes the entire journey worthwhile in that moment - those few seconds you get to pose!


How do you motivate yourself to stay consistent with eating clean and working out and what advice would you give someone who may be struggling with their consistency.

My advice to someone struggling is to really get a clear idea on what their goals are. What is your "why?" Motivation doesn't last; it runs out once the real work starts, so you need something else to keep you going. Are you eating healthy to look good? Or to live long enough to play with your grandkids? Keep that goal in mind when you feel like quitting. Not accomplishing your goal HAS TO BE tougher than quitting!

When training for a competition, I train when I'm motivated and when I'm not motivated. I look at it like, if I trained or ate the right foods ONLY when I felt like it, I would never step foot on stage. So even though it sucks at times, I do what I have to do because I know when I step foot on stage I want to be better than I was the last time. My goal is to have the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that I did my absolute BEST to grace the stage, which is why I'm always so excited and happy backstage at shows. (lol) I always want to do well, but I don't allow the judge's critiques to dampen my spirit. I've never received a placing that I didn't deserve and I know the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) it took to get there. No one can take that away from me.


Share details about your “The Energy on Life” brand and also your YouTube channel.  What specific topics can we expect to learn about by watching the videos and visiting your website?

ENERGY on Life stands for "Education, Nutrition, Exercise, and Rest Generates Years on Life." I believe that those four principles are essential to living and optimizing your health as well as generating years on your life!

From my YouTube videos, you can learn workouts, tips and tricks I use to stay healthy, how I eat on a normal day, my favorite healthy recipes, and vlogs showcasing my normal activities. I love sharing my life with my YouTube community because it teaches my viewers how to make "healthy" a lifestyle, while making it fun and inspiring others to get healthy and fit. It is very fulfilling! I keep it 100% real with my audience and they love how transparent I am in sharing my life including personal struggles, breakdowns, and setbacks.


You offer online health and fitness coaching.  How does this work and what programs do you offer?

I am currently in the process of restructuring my programs to include more, but right now I offer the complete package for competitive rates. I create a custom workout routine for my clients based on their goals and fitness level, calculate their starting macronutrient intake based off on information they provide me through a questionnaire, and hold bi-weekly coaching calls to review progress and make any necessary changes. I'll soon be offering additional packages and a la carte options as well.


How do you plan to expand/take your brand to the next level?  What can we expect from you in this new year?

Everything up to this point is only the beginning for me and my brand! I've learned so much thus far and have cultivated some great relationships with like minded individuals, which I am very grateful for. This year, my number one goal is leaving my full time job completely to run and grow my business full time. I will be focused on producing YouTube videos more frequently, acquiring more online coaching clients, growing my t-shirt line, EIM (Empower Inspire Motivate) clothing, and building a team to help me get this all done!

It's really crazy that the time is so near to branch out on my own; I'm so excited yet I have faith that it will be for the best. I believe my purpose is to help people (especially people of color) live a healthy lifestyle, and I wholeheartedly intend to fulfill on that purpose while I'm blessed to be breathing. In 2016, expect to see much more of me! 


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